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November 2023

DENVER’S ELEVATION HAS ALWAYS BEEN a point of pride for its residents, and steady NCAA basketball game resultsgrowth for over two decades— punctuated by one spike in the early 2000s and another in the 2020s, the latter resulting from the COVID-driven “Great Relocation— has resulted in another impressive number for the Mile High City. Between 1999 and 2023, the population has NCAA basketball ranking 2024gone from under 500,000 to well over 700,000.

The growth is apparent throughout the city and the greater metropolitan area, but perhaps no more so than the area immediately north of the central business district, where multistory residential buildings have been and continue NCAA basketball scoresto be built at a rapid rate

Many of these buildings are viewable from an under-construction office tower called 1900 Lawrence. And some of their residents will likely end up working there.

The 30-story building, which topped out in September, will reach 400 ft in NCAA basketball game resultsheight and add 720,000 sq. ft of of  ce space (and 1.1 million gross sq. ft) to downtown Denver. And it’s not typical office space…

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NCAA basketball game results


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